About Us

It seems these days that there is so much product on the market that is the opposite of organic. Preservatives and additives are commonplace ingredients in many of the most popular food items. That’s something we here at Coco Maniac cringe at the thought of. Even so, we are not among those folks who grow and eat their own food exclusively or as patent as the people who shop only at the natural grocery stores and read each label meticulously before it finds its way into their shopping carts. We are, admittedly, a little envious of those who do this. But we live in a fast-paced world where time is either money or an excuse to take a much needed break. So we asked ourselves how we could make small changes that result in a big difference. Our favorite solution was the use of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: An Easy Solution

Coconut oil in general is a household fav for many of us at Coco Maniac (surprise, surprise). First because it is multipurposed to the extreme. Its uses range from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage. Any product that can double as a conditioner and WD-40 is a go in our books. Now, we find that almost every bottle of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on the shelves has the word ‘organic’ in large, fancy script written on the bottle. We decided that this would be our first ploy to get into the organic eaters club. This is a product we already use nearly every single day so what better way to reduce our use of nonorganic product than to switch out the thing we use the most? The best part: our switch to Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil won’t break the bank!

The Coco Maniac is brought to you in part by coco maniacs. All things coconut – that’s our jam. Our shampoo is coconut scented. We top our morning bowl of cereal with coconut milk. We don’t mess with energy drinks because coconut water is all we need for that extra boost. The world of coconut products seems never-ending, with each new creation that comes out being just as good or slightly better than the last. Our favorite coconut product, though, is something we consider to be more than a product. It’s an all-purpose lifesaver known as Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Solves (Almost) All your Problems

We have a couple of scenarios for you. When was the last time you hopped in the shower only to discover you wvirgin coconut oilere completely out of conditioner? Or how about the last time you tried to grease your cooking pan only to receive a half sputter and small dollop of PAM to sadly drip out of the spray nozzle? What about this one – you couldn’t sleep and despite you trying not to wake the whole house on your way down for a midnight snack, that one creaky door gave you away? You may be thinking that all of these problems cannot possibly have anything to do with each other. Believe it or not, you’d be wrong. Coconut oil has a wide variety of different uses around the home and could be the solution to each and every one of the problems listed above. If you happen to have it around, that is. That’s why we here at Coconut Maniac make sure that we always do. From using it as a butter substitute when grilling us up a cheese to swishing it around in our mouths when we want a pearly smile, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is where it’s at.