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Why You Should Buy Coconut Nectar Syrup

Coconut nectar syrup is made by tapping the coconut blossoms to collect its milky white naturally sweet sap. It is then further processed through evaporation at a low temperature to produce only the pourable syrup which has almost the lowest glycemic index compared to other sweeteners and syrups. When you want to buy coconut nectar syrup, always read the labels though. Remember, not all are coconut nectar syrups are made with uncompromised quality.

3 Reasons to Buy Coconut Nectar Syrup

1. It contains living enzymes as raw sugar, but has a low glycemic index.

Unlike raw cane sugar glycemic index of 45, and refined sugar’s 80, coconut nectar syrup has a low  glycemic index of 35. But, it still offers the same sweetness as the usual sugar that most consumers are using. It is the best alternative sweetener for people who are suffering from diabetes or for those who wants to maintain a healthy weight and body.

The way coconut nectar syrup is processed also contributes to the health benefits that this natural sweetener gives. Since it is already sweet right from the tree, coconut nectar’s water content is evaporated with heat that is only between 105° – 110°F (40° – 43°C) for about 90 minutes. With this process, you are assured that the heating process doesn’t harm active living enzymes present in the syrup. These enzymes help in the digestion of sugar in the body in a timed release process, making it low glycemic.

2. It is high in amino acids and nutrient content.

Coconut nectar syrup contains approximately 17 amino acids, various minerals, and vitamins B and C. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is very useful in aiding the body’s overall metabolism. It also contains short and medium-chain fatty acids, making it heart-friendly and good for reducing LDL cholesterol. Unlike other raw sugar (such as the brown sugar), coconut nectar syrup contains more iron, magnesium, and zinc content.

When compared to corn syrup, which is usually processed to have high fructose content, coconut nectar syrup has very low fructose. In fact, this manually collected organic sweetener from coconut flowers is primarily sucrose-based, making it only 10% fructose. While more study is needed to weigh what types of sugars are healthier, it is still best to buy coconut nectar syrup as your sweetener. But, be sure to read labels as not all coconut nectar syrup brands are processed to preserve natural enzymes.

3. Choose organic coconut nectar syrup as it is not chemically treated.

Coconut nectar syrup, as being said, is processed simply to evaporate its water content in as low as 105° – 110°F temperature. When the water gradually evaporates, the syrup becomes a little viscous in its consistency. Since this is naturally sweet, no other sweetener or flavor enhancer is added. Also, coconut nectar syrup is self-preserving, having an extended shelf life, especially when refrigerated.

Choose Coconut Nectar Syrup for a Healthy Sugar Alternative

With its low glycemic index of 35, you will never worry about having a sugar spike whenever you consume coconut nectar syrup. Instead of using sugar white cane sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, and some synthetic sweeteners, why not buy coconut nectar syrup as a healthier alternative?