coconut nectar syrup

Coconut Nectar Syrup: Time to Go Nuts with Coconuts

Surprise, surprise, organic coconut nectar syrup doesn’t taste anything like coconut – no, nada, no inkling at all. Fact is you’d mistake the natural sweetener as coming from a different entity altogether, even if it were sourced from the same tree as the fruit. But what’s really astounding is despite being a mouth-watering sweetener, the syrup produced from blossoming stems is as healthy as it can get, telling you there is hardly a plant on Earth that could rival the greatness of a sturdy coconut.

Unconvinced? A closer look at how awesome coconut nectar syrup would be truly enlightening – especially for those who want the best life can give, which should mean you and me and everyone else in this 7-billion-plus Earth. Read on.

The Magic in G.I.

For the uninitiated, raw coconut nectar comes from tapping into the somewhat thick flowering stems hanging from the coconut tree. In short, it’s from a coconut flower, though not in the traditional sense of the word. Coconuts are arguably the hardest nut to crack in the whole wide world. Thus it makes sense that even its flowers that are still to blossom into full-grown fruits are also as hard.

What makes coconut nectar syrup truly wonderful is it’s of low glycemic index (G.I.). This strange word actually just means how what you eat spikes your own blood glucose. Thus, traditional carbohydrates and sweets – your table sugar including – are on the higher end of the chart when it comes to G.I. causing dangerous spikes in your blood sugar after consumption.

Quite simply, this means you won’t have to worry with coconut nectar adversely affecting blood glucose, truly a welcome news for diabetics whose lives could be hanging in the balance thanks to unhealthy blood sugar spikes.

Ever wondered why people affected with diabetes are constantly monitoring their sugar? Without constant monitoring and management, the disease could lead to heart disease, unnecessary amputations and eventually untimely death – not to mention erectile dysfunction (ED) for men.

Above All Coconut Nectar Syrup Tastes Good

Thus, coco nectar syrup is a healthy alternative to everyday table sugar and the dangers it poses. Above all, the product has an extremely pleasant dense flavor that’s sweet and enticing. Know that the roots of coconuts obtain rich minerals and nutrients from the volcanic soil on which they thrive. Reason why the Coco Nucifera palm tree grow mainly in choice countries in Asia (e.g., Philippines).

So, if you really want to enjoy a great breakfast, shun your regular sugar offering. Get one that promotes your health – naturally. Then, your mouth should tell you why coconuts are in the running as one of the best gift Earth got from above.

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