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Coconut Oil as an Instant Natural Hair Care Product

What is the connection between coconut oil and hair? These days when you talk about beauty and hair care products, the first thing that comes to our mind is coconut oil. Why do you think is that?

Coconut oil especially the unrefined is one of the healthiest oils we have in the market. It is known to be a regular staple in the kitchen and has gained a reputation as a “miracle oil” for its numerous applications and positive effect on our health as a natural remedy for many things. But what we really love about coconut oil is how it makes our mane gorgeous and healthy. Countless users can attest its effectiveness.

Why Use Coconut Oil on Hair?

If you noticed, most hair care products today are infused with coconut oil. It’s because coconut oil can cure almost all of your hair problems. Unlike popular brands that promise to give you a perfect-for-all-weather hair with unknown chemical contents, coconut oil is all natural and organic, therefore, mild on your scalp and hair. Its natural composition allows the rich oil to penetrate the hair from root to tip, nourishing without fear of harsh chemicals damaging to your scalp.

It Helps Treat Damaged Hair

Coconut oil is no doubt the best natural home remedy there is for dry or damaged hair from excessive styling, coloring or relaxing. It even works better than most expensive hair treatment products available today. It can amazingly bring life to dead — and brittle hair. With regular use, it can prevent split ends or and hair breakage.

It Promote Hair Growth

Coconut oil is the ultimate, natural, accessible and most of all, affordable solution for people with thinning hair. Its nutrient contents including lauric acid can help your hair grow fuller and stronger. Coconut oil, a natural and organic product is better than chemical-loaded products as chemicals are harsh and can irritate our scalp, which can cause hair loss. Although diet and stress also play a big role in the overall health of the hair.

It Helps Remove Dandruff

Those who are affected by dandruff find this condition very annoying. It robs you the freedom to wear your favorite black top. Not only that, it’s also embarrassing. With your scalp itchy, you have no choice but to scratch it leaving small white flakes scattered all over your head and shoulders. Dandruff is often caused by dry skin, fungal infections or harmful chemicals from hair products. If the cause of your dandruff is the first two, then coconut oil can help you. It contains strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help kill the microorganisms and improve the scalp’s condition.

It Gets Rid of Head Lice

Is your hair infected with lice? Use coconut oil and hair will be free of those irritating little bugs. Being naturally greasy, coconut oil when applied to the hair for a period of time for several days, helps ward off lice and prevent the eggs, in which attachment to the hair is as strong as the gecko’s grip, from sticking to the hair shaft.

Coconut oil can bring a lot of benefits to your hair. When your hair needs some extra care, who needs expensive hot oil treatment available in the salons when you can make your own at home. Make sure you use the unrefined and organic coconut oil and hair can be at its most healthy and beautiful.