coconut sugar packets

Why Everyone Is Switching to Coconut Sugar Packets

For as long as we can remember, sugar cubes or sugar granules have a global market. However, for the past years, there has been a shift in preference when it comes to the method of adding sugar to a drink.

Sugar packets were invented long ago. But it was when coconut sugar packets were created that an evident shift was generated. This unrefined and organic sugar has one of the fastest growing demand for all types of sweetener. Today, coconut sugar packets are used from hotels, restaurants, cafes, and even humble homes.

Sugar Packets

A sugar packet is a packaging method for producing one serving of sugar. A typical sugar packet contains 2 to 4 grams of sugar depending on the brand. A coconut sugar packet contains natural sugar crystals from the sweet sap of a coconut tree.

Demand for Alternatives

What is behind the growing demand for coconut sugar packets?

Many reach out for a spoonful of sugar out of habit. People are so used to it that they tend to lose control over their amount of sugar intake and as a result—alarming health problems. As the consequences of a high sugar diet become more palpable in society, health-conscious individuals are now in search for ways to control their appetite. One of the most efficient and effective solutions, of course, was to switch to coconut sugar packets. Hence, its exponential demand.

Benefits of Using Coconut Sugar Packets

Healthy Amount

What makes coconut sugar packets highly effective is because of its packaging. Because portions are prepacked in healthy amounts, a person can take better control of its intake. Compared to taking a spoonful of granulated sugar by yourself and adding it to the beverage of your choice, your chances of scooping as much as you can is more likely. There is more awareness and control of using regulated sugar in packets.


Furthermore, aside from helping with healthier portion intake, using sugar packets is more manageable. Scooping sugar can be rather messy. Granules can fall out of the spoon from any moment before it even reaches your cup or bowl. However, with sugar packets, all you need is take out a pack, reap it open, and pour it over. It is simple, fast, and most importantly neat. This is why most restaurants and cafes prefer using sugar packets over sugar crystals or cubes.

Health Benefits

But the most important factor is health benefits. Coconut sugar packets  have a low glycemic index and high nutritional value. In contrast to all types of sweeteners, coconut sugar has the lowest glycemic index. Its 35 glycemic value allows slow absorption and steady glucose distribution. Thus, keeping the blood glucose levels in a safe range.

Moreover, unlike refined sugar which only provides empty calories or zero nutritional value, coconut sugar contains traces of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Traces of potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, as well as vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6 naturally occurs in it. It has also a rich amount of amino acids and antioxidants.

Enjoy the health benefits and convenience of using coconut sugar packets. Buy one today!