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Top 10 Incredible Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Beauty Tricks

It cannot be denied that when you think about coconut or coconut oil, you think about the weird outer appearance of the coconut fruit and the edible plant grease. It is almost impossible to consider it as a natural beauty product. Nonetheless, experts, through extensive research, highly recommend the use of extra virgin coconut oil for its countless benefits for the face, skin, and hair.

10 Simple DIY Beauty Tricks Using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at Home

Beauty Tricks for the Face

  1. To Help Clean Your Face

Since coconut oil has antibacterial and moisturizing properties, it is best used to clean the face. It is also ideal for atopic dermatitis, according to research and proven by countless women using the coco oil. A lot of women also claimed that coconut oil is best used as an alternative to their expensive night-time moisturizers.  

  1. As Eye Makeup Remover

Organic coconut oil does an excellent job removing waxy, inky eye makeup, including waterproof mascaras. Just pour a little amount of the oil on a cotton ball and sweep it over your eyes and under-eyes. Then, you can wash your face with hypoallergenic soap and water.

  1. Use to Highlight Cheekbone

Do you need a little glow on your face for a tiresome day ahead? Then, leaving extra virgin coconut oil on top of your makeup can help. It  makes your skin glow and makes your face less tired. This is also the reason many makeup brands use coconut oil as base content in their products.

Beauty Regimen for the Hair

  1. Use In Hair Conditioning

Coconut oil is a preferred natural hair conditioner because it penetrates from roots to tips of your hair. It is even better when compared with mineral oil and sunflower oil. Just apply 3 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil onto your hair. For thick and long hair, use 5 tablespoons. For shorter and thinner hair, you may use 3 or 4 tablespoons of the oil. Leave the coconut oil for as short as 2 hours. For best result, remove it in the morning through rinsing it with shampoo.

  1. Adding Shine To Your Hair

Place a tiny amount of organic coconut oil in your palm. Smooth it onto the ends of your hair. It does not only add shine to your hair, but also treat flyaways. With regular use of coconut oil, your hair becomes shinier than ever.

Beauty Solution for the Skin and Body

  1. As Alternative To Massage Oils

Massage your body using coconut oil. The therapeutic and aromatic scent of this oil makes you feel rejuvenated after a massage session.

  1. For Soothing Dry Hands

Do you have dry hands due to washing dishes or clothes? If so, you should apply coconut oil every after washing. Coconut oil has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin, including your hands.

  1. Used as Body Moisturizer

After every bath, make sure to include applying coconut oil as a body moisturizer. The nutrients found in coconut oil will be absorbed by the body when applied topically.

  1. For Shaving Your Legs

Coconut oil can also be used as an alternative to shaving cream on your legs. Men can also use coco oil for shaving their mustache and beard.

  1. As Body Scrub

Why don’t you try out coconut oil as a body scrub? Yes, this oil is an ideal body scrub ingredient too.

Taking care of your hair, face, and skin will not need you to spend a fortune for beauty products. Organic coconut products are available to help you reach optimum health and beauty. Extra virgin coconut oil products are cost-effective solutions to enhance your natural beauty.